We at Water Street Partners are focused on one thing: making real estate investments that deliver strong risk-adjusted returns. A convergence of factors uniquely qualifies Water Street Partners to deliver an edge to its clients in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


We eliminate distractions and focus solely on maximizing the returns generated on each investment. Third-party experts are hired to perform ancillary services (leasing, property management, etc.), eliminating conflicts of interest and ensuring that the best team is assigned to each project.


We invest our own capital in each investment we make. Our investors and partners can rest assured that we are focused on protecting and maximizing all stakeholders’ capital.


Our diverse experience and background, coupled with our past performance and reputation for execution, result in a strong network of relationships with deal and capital sources nationally.


Our backgrounds include all major property types and investment strategies in many markets throughout the United States, with a significant concentration in the Twin Cities. Regardless of investment size and risk profile, we have the experience necessary to execute.


Our reputation means everything to us, and we work relentlessly to deliver the highest quality service and communication to each of our investors and partners.


Our lean organizational structure allows us to efficiently evaluate risk, make informed business decisions and adapt to changing market conditions quickly.